The State of the Union in 2022

In roughly two months, Biden will give his address on the current State of the Union. He will surely have his handlers prepare a speech that brushes positive light on his failing presidency, while pushing blame on issues to those who oppose him. While he will give his skewed view, let us look at America as a whole.

We are a failing constitutional republic. It would be better to pain America as a corporate playground, where our politicians are bought and sold. Take the House Majority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, who has made millions off of trading stocks while holding a position of massive influence (1). It is not just her, but also Republican Senator Richard Burr (2) who has profited while in office. I promise you, there are many more that are using their position to obtain wealth. Yet, for many Americans, that is not a surprising topic. The fact we, the American public, do not try to root out corruption from the United States government is already a sign that our republic has failed.

The next sign comes from the ever-changing structure of our political structure. There have been numerous different movements in America to see the abolishment of the electoral college (3). This move would effectively kill state’s rights, which has already been on the decline since the mid-1800s but more specifically when the Senate’s election process changed with the Seventieth Amendment. Our states, which in many regards are suppose to hold equal power to the United States Federal Government, are now subservient to the behemoth. The policy makers that impact your life the most are no longer those close to your community, but instead out of touch politicians in Washington D.C.

All while this is happening, our federal spending is growing out of control. The national debt is over 29 trillion dollars and growing (11). When looking at who contributed the most, both sides did (12). For example, President Obama grew debt on average $950 billion a year. President Trump contributed on average $2.05 trillion a year. The outlier for President Trump being his FY 2020 year, which saw 4.2 trillion added. President Biden saw roughly $1.5 trillion increase and looks to increase it by another trillion or more for the 2022 year. These are simply unsustainable numbers but neither Republicans nor Democrats care.

The most damning sign comes in the form of our civil rights being dwindled away. Our privacy is gone. The NSA spies on our every action (4) all while the federal government pushes agendas like the Patriot Act to violate every aspect of our lives. Our freedom of speech is being assaulted, as speech that can be viewed as aggressive is considered an aggression and you are simply shut down. Look at today’s take of transgenderism, where if you mislabel someone then it is the end of the world. Currently? The Supreme Court takes up the mask mandate (5), that leftists continue to push. There is a wish, by big government, to decide what you wear and when you wear it. The disgusting monstrosity of the United States Federal Government wants to be involved in every single facet of your life.

While our liberties are being assaulted, in the civilian sector, life grows even more difficult. Massive corporations are intrusive to our everyday life (6,8), tracking every single detail about you (7). If the government is not oppressive enough, now billion-dollar companies are finding more ways to intrude into your life. But these two are not separate, as many of these companies get lobbyists to change policies in America to make their lives easier (9).

The State of the Union is quite frankly, terrible. Over 75% of Americans think that America is in a state of decay (10). There is no line being drawn by the American public. The executive branch uses its disgusting tentacles to slither its way down our throats, causing Americans to gasp for breath and plead for help. It leads these desperate people to lead to any possible avenue for relief, which happens to be the same hand that crushes them. It is a vicious cycle that has no end in sight. All of this by itself is terrifying enough, but this does not even touch on the growing divide in America as both sides grow more tribal. It does not show the distrust Americans have in the media but also in their fellow neighbors.

While this piece highlights all the bad, there is one silver lining. The founding fathers left us, the American public, with a blueprint for success. Our votes, while they mean less and less with the evasiveness of the government, can elect officials who will fight for us. Then there is Article V of the U.S constitution, which lets states come together for a Convention of States to ratify the United States Constitution. Which this outlook currently has a movement in America for this to happen (13). If all else fails however, this nation was founded by patriots that wished to get away from the tyranny of an oppressive government. While I hope this never happens, as losing life is a terrible consequence of war, it is something to always consider.

With all said, I hope this article shows the issues that plague America. Thank you for reading. God Bless our beautiful country.

– The Concerned Citizen.


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