The Russian-Ukraine War and Conservative Detachment from Reality

Writing this, know that my perspective is that of a conservative. I am a strong proponent of the conservative movement. Yet with the Russian-Ukraine war going on, there must be accountability held here or else the conservative movement will slip through the cracks. If conservatism falls, the rest of the world will surely go with it.

Biden is a terrible president, but he is not always wrong. The United States and intelligence committees reported for weeks, if not months, that an invasion would occur. Yet the conservative movement and those on the right took him as a liar. From Tiktok users, to sites like the Hill and even youtubers were all in agreement that Biden was using the Ukraine situation to gather approval rating. This narrative spread into many different message forums and further spread through the conservative movement. The hate towards Biden, while can be justified in many ways for he is growing increasing incoherent, is reaching the left’s level of

With Russia invading Ukraine in the early hours of Thursday, this is proof enough that Biden was not wrong. This should have been enough to break the reality defying mindset, but sadly it is not. As conservatives are now shifting the narrative from, “Biden is creating a false scenario to gain approval rating” into “Biden’s failure as a President has given Ukraine an opportunity to invade.”

While the second point is true, president Biden is a failure and his weak foreign policy led to this mess… It is important to remember that conservatives were wrong. We, as a movement, downplayed the threat in Eastern Russia as merely political theater. It’s an embarrassment.

These were the warning signs of war that the right ignored.

Over 100,000 Russian troops built up on the borders of Ukraine. Reported as far back as December 2021, Washington post let out an article discussing Russia’s build up. The right simply dismissed it as military exercises. The right said that this was just Biden stirring up a normal exercise. Well, now those troops are bombing and invading Ukraine.

The Historical Context

During the Obama presidency, Russia took the Crimea region. Putin has historically viewed Ukraine as native Russian land. Most importantly, Ukraine is a buffer zone that Russia wants. With the growing NATO, Russia wishes to create a buffer between them and the west. Ukraine trying to join NATO was a threat towards Russia. With all these facts into consideration, it was inevitable Russia would invade. Trump leaving office gave Putin the go ahead to invade.

For this region, there’s an incredible amount of information that can still be looked into. The signs were present but those two sections play the biggest. Going forward, it will only continue to grow worse for the world as an incompetent United States president is in charge. Every election counts for if America is weak, Russia and China will rush for the world hegemony spot.

What is important is that the right must acknowledge reality for what it is. Every single election that comes now is not just about how America will develop (or crumble). It is about how the world will co-exist. Under a president with a strong foreign policy, the world would never have war. Putin bowed his and waited his time till Trump was out of office. Look towards the east, as China will be gearing up its aggression into the rest of the world. We, as a movement, have to see what is happening and counter it all. If not, it will be too late.

Again, I write this out of concern with where the movement is going. We must not become like the left, who are so out of touch with reality. Biden can be both a terrible president and sometimes right. Reality does not care for what political party you are. Even in this regard, Biden can also be using the Ukraine situation as political brownie points while also everything he is saying is correct. The point remains though, stop belittling every single action as it only makes conservatism seem like a joke to the rest of the American public while also further entrenching the movement in the staunch fanaticism like the left.

If you wish to support Ukraine, there’s numerous different organizations that do such. One that I am privy to is the United Ukrainian American Relief Committee which was established in 1944 (not sponsored). However, do your own research and see where money goes to. Even as a civilian in the states, your money can make a difference.