The Russia Problem

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As tensions all over the world continue to escalate, one of the biggest questions comes from Russia. They not only are positioning to conquer Ukraine, but hold Europe hostage. All while this is happening, United States is being led by an incompetent President that has no real sway in this situation. A series of events are lining up to lead the world into a bang.

On the eastern border of Ukraine, Russia deploys their troops (2). Whether or not it is a ploy to show dominance to Europe and Ukraine, Russia is acting as if they are in control. They are demanding NATO to give into their guarantees (3), such as not expanding NATO into Eastern Europe. The West has met the demands by rejecting them outright, which surely will cause tension with Russia. While Russia is no longer a superpower, NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg says that Russia still poses a formidable military threat (4).

When looking at all the information present, it seems clear Russia is planning to invade or in the very least, strong arm Europe. With how President Obama failed Ukraine back in 2014, letting Russia annex Crimea, the same can be viewed for President Biden. Russia will walk into Ukraine with little resistance as President Biden postures on the international stage. There may be a few embargoes placed on Russia and stern words, but that will be the extent of the United States involvement in the matter. The weak leadership of President Biden will cause another country to collapse to bullies who made it to the position of dictator. The first blunder was Afghanistan (5), which left equipment and American lives stranded. Now, it will be Ukraine. One key note is that Russia has removed around 10,000 soldiers (12) from the border, leaving roughly 100,000 still present.

Beyond dooming Ukraine, the next failure comes in the form of Russia’s control over Europe when it deals with energy (1,7). Russia is willing to exploit Europe, especially to strong arm them in moving aside as they invade Ukraine (6). It is also key to note Russia’s military spending, ranking in the top five (8), has been focused on modernizing their military. After their blunders in invading Georgia back in 2008, they have since changed their approach to be more efficient (9).

With both an economic control over Europe and a modernized military power, Russia holds the power in Europe. It helps Russia that the United States has a bumbling idiot as President while also facing internal strife on many different factors. If NATO did happen to meet Russia in the invasion of Ukraine, Russia will surely take advantage of the disarray in America and challenge them head on.

Yet again, this is also ignoring a variety of other issues. COVID has wrecked the world’s economy. Europe cannot afford to wage war as their economic recovery is as weak as it is (10,11). There are simply too many factors that limit Europe to intervene in Ukraine’s defense. Russia is a prime position, with the rest of the world weakened, to get the land they have been eyeing.

It is important to remember the power America has when it comes to the fate of the world. America is the only superpower in existence that has given back control of lands she has military controlled in most cases. If America is not there to stop the authoritarian regimes of the world, Russia or China will simply pick up the mantle as world leader. They will invade the lands they wish and not leave any time soon. Everyone is vocal about America being the superpower now, how evil they are and how much death they have caused. With China or Russia in charge, there will be no room to complain. It is compliance or death.

Thank you for reading, I do appreciate it. While we go through these turbulent times as a nation, do not forget this. America is the greatest nation in the world. God Bless America.

– The Concerned Citizen


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