Recommended Readings

In this section, I will give out a list of recommended readings. They are here for various different purposes, thus you will see readings from both conservative authors and socialist authors. It is meant to help broaden world views, to help you debate for your side of the subject while also debating the opposition.

Understanding the opposition will help to dismantle their arguments. More importantly, it will help broaden your perspective.

In all debates, let truth be thy aim, not victory, or an unjust interest.

William Penn


  • The Federalist Papers – “Publius”. Key writings to understand the reasoning behind the constitution.
  • American Marxism – Mark Levin. Great book which details how America is under attack due to socialist rhetoric.
  • Critical Theory – Max Horkheimer. The importance of this is that it is one of the basis of Western Marxism.
  • History and Class Consciousness – Georg (Gyorgy) Lukacs. One of the inspirations for modern day Marxists. Branched from the Leninist Marxism found in Russia.