Looking Towards 2022

The world we live in is a crazy one. Our financial institutions are showing their fragility, with the United States dollar value rapidly dropping due to intense inflation (1). With student loan repayment looming (2), the economy as a whole is shaking in fear with what is to come. Sure, there are record breaking years on the stock market (3). Yet for the average American, it has been miserable on both buying goods at home (4) and buying gas to get to work (5). What does that mean for America heading into 2022? Quite a few different places, for better and for worse.


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When it comes to elections in America, it looks as if a red wave is coming to sweep both the house and senate from Democrat’s grasp (6). This red wave will be necessary to stop the tyranny (and dementia) of President Joe Biden and his puppeteers. Our spending has been out of control for the past few years and is simply unsustainable, go check for yourself (7). With an unchecked Democrat Party, it would be catastrophic. Thus the red wave itself will stop the bumbling Joe Biden (11), that is a great accomplishment in itself, but is only the tip of the iceberg. To fix America, there needs to be more than stopping a Marxist’s agenda. They simply have had over 100 years to cement themselves in the American system. Sadly, the red wave is where the good ends and perhaps, it is not truly a good at all.


The problems of a red wave come in two forms. The first is that a red wave is simply not enough. A red wave that has no purpose except to oust the Democrats will lead to no proper solutions. Republicans such as Liz Cheney, Mitch McConnell or Lindsey Graham have shown they do not represent a strong conservative or constitutional belief that makes America great. They are politicians that are bought and sold by lobbyists. To make the red wave impactful, it must be superior than the Tea Party movement that started early 2009. There needs to be more people such as Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Tim Scott or Ron DeSantis. There needs to be less RINOs. Will that happen? Only time will tell.

The second issue of a red wave comes by if Republicans with no spine are elected. It will mean that for all of 2023 and 2024, the Republican majority will simply do nothing. The American public will see a repeat of 2014, where Republicans will hold a majority in both the House and Senate yet fail to keep their campaign promises. Much like how Obamacare was never repealed (18), a key proponent of Republicans at the time, the same will most likely occur. Republicans will keep to the status quo and not right the wrongs of the Marxists that have taken control of America. This will lead to another election where Democrats will have the ability to take control of the government, due to Republican establishment ineptitude. True patriots, people who love this country for what it was founded on and belief hold strong belief in the constitution, must be elected for America to hold strong.

What is even worse then a red wave with no impact is that the economy is looking to crash in the near future. Forbes predicts a crash to arrive between 2023 to 2035 (8). While predicting the exact time is difficult (9), a general consensus seems to be that inflation will continue accelerate and household good’s prices will only keep increasing (10). All of this is brewing together to make the perfect storm. When student loans resume, that very well may begin the symphonies of destruction that will cripple the American economy.

Of course, I am no economist but it does not take a leftist elite to tell that the average American is having financial difficulties during this time. While the incompetent leadership of Elizabeth Warren points grocery prices to greed (12), she shows the systemic problem in the Democrat Party. They are simply out of touch with what Americans are going through and refuse to see the reality of the situation. Our economy is weak, the world sees it, and the ones who suffer are not the political elite but the backbone of America. The working class.

These two issues by themselves would be enough for worry, but one final monstrosity lurks awkwardly out in the open. It is the COVID virus that continues to mutate. Undoubtedly, COVID will continue to evolve but all signs appear to be that it will end up like the Omicron variant. It will grow more transmittable but less deadly (13). Yet for the media and elitist in the Democrat Party, they will continue to make it out to be the biggest challenge facing Americans. For it is a profitable venture for all parties on the left in terms of money (14) but also a tool for control. Be prepared to see more COVID in 2022 with a race issue sprinkled in for good measure. It is an important election year for the Democrat Party, after all.

These three points only show the internal issues for America. This is ignoring the rising conflict that the rest of the world faces. Russia looks to invade Ukraine early 2022 (15). This will undoubtedly spark more tension and potential conflict to carry over into Central Europe. While over in Asia, China is showing more hostility towards Taiwan and their neighbors (16). The world is a set to explode and the winners will be those who are prepared.

That is why, when looking towards 2022, it is important to remember your role as an United States citizen. Americans live in the greatest country the world has ever seen. People risk their lives to come to America for a better life (17). If the United States were to crumble internally, we would be too weak to stop the bullies of Russia and China. They will simply roll over the rest of the world and then eventually turn their eyes to us. Use your vote wisely and never forget your constitutional rights. Thank you for reading.

– The Concerned Citizen


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The next article will be released on January 3rd, 2022 at 1700 Pacific. It will be on foreign affairs, in particular the Russia conflict and United States role.