China, Russia and The Makings of War

According to the DOD report in 2020 and 2021 on China, China wishes to hit it’s greater China vision by 2049. This would, presumably, mean that they would be the dominate power. Well, with Russia invading Ukraine as of late February, this plan may be in acceleration. As reported by Reuter’s on February 24th, Taiwan warns the Chinese aircraft for penetrating their air space. A total of nine Chinese aircraft entered their air zone, which caused Taiwan to scramble. Late January, over 39 Chinese aircraft were seen in their air space as well.’

All of this comes during a time where Russia is making great strides into Ukraine. During Putin’s conference, where he called for military activity in China, he said there would be unforeseen consequences if the west or United States were to meddle in the invasion. This was hinting, as many suspect towards nuclear war. What makes this situation worrisome is that China and Russia have a new found China-Russia partnership as of middle February. This partnership seems odd, given the timing, as Russia is now invading and China is making more aggressive maneuvers.

Yet, to make everything worse, America is at its weakest. We are divided internally as a nation. Our president is extremely incoherent and delusional. There are culture wars consistently happening and the American public would rather argue with itself over uniting to fight against the true evils of the world. People in America genuinely believe that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is equal to America invading Iraq or Afghanistan. This is not to justify those conflicts, but both hold vastly different purposes. All it helps show is that America is further divided. So while America is struggling, what about the rest of the world?

Well, the rest of the world flounders too. With Ukraine’s invasion, NATO says they will not send troops into Ukraine per NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Biden also agreed, saying he would not send in troops. This leaves Ukraine abandoned, the Budapest Memorandum ignored. China sees this and is surely eyeing to take Taiwan with no fear of repercussion.

The U.S. and EU are currently unlikely, again per Reuter’s as of February 24th, to kick Russia off SWIFT. Due to the increasing energy dependence on Russia, they now have to suckle on their teet. That is why Putin also feels emboldened to go to war. Trump was right, we needed energy independence and sadly the American public chose to have no more mean tweets.

All this proves to China is that they can get away with an invasion of Taiwan. The world watches as Ukraine burns, even with previous guarantees that Ukraine would be safe. The United States and EU have no real power anymore, the bullies have won. The worst that the West can do are simply sanctions. Sanctions, even though it can be economically devastating, mean nothing to Russia and China.

Why do sanctions mean nothing? It’s a matter of mind set. Ben Shapiro talks about it best, the West and Communist States (any authoritarian state really) hold different values. While the West values material things, such as feeling good and having luxury items, the same cannot be said for Russia or China. Both of these countries have a higher calling, where nationalism and purpose holds king. For them, making their countries go to the “next step” is their goal. For Russia and Putin, this comes in restoring the glorious U.S.S.R. For China, this means achieving a greater China by 2049. Money is simply not important if they restore their former glory. If they restore their former glory, well, they will be the ones in control at that point so sacrifices early mean little.

Where does this leave the world?

Simply put, we are at the brink of another world war. The incompetence of Joe Biden is showing that America needed Trump. The West has lost all credibility, which was slowly decreasing over the years. No longer is the West energy independent, depending on Russia for their energy sources and trying to go renewable because a young teenage woman lectured us all that it is the right thing to do. Everyone in the West has disconnected from the reality we live in, letting the bullies of China and Russia grow strong. Now they are pouncing as we are at our weakest.

It’s a grim time, evil is winning. What Americans can do is unite and throw away misconceptions. Vote for politicians in the 2022 election that will push for energy independence and strong American military. Where America can rebuild itself to fight the growing evils of Russia and China. This may be a stretch, as many view the 2020 elections to be rigged, but it is necessary. For only America is willing and able to match the communist evil of Russia and China.

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