Biden Gaffes and Kamala Cackles, A Disastrous The State of the Union Speech

Leading into 2022 State of the Union, you would be correct to believe that this should be a slam dunk for Joe Biden. States are easing their restrictions and a common enemy has appeared in Russia. If he just highlights these two points, then surely Joe Biden would be having at worst a mediocre showing.

Instead, Biden comes off as milquetoast as he confuses Ukrainians for Iranians. His own party responds demanding more from him, such as Rashida Tlaib calling on President Biden to use his executive power to wipe out student loan debt. To make matters worse, for the extreme left, they are upset that Biden said, “The answer is to fund the police with resources and training they need to protect our communities.” This is a staunch flip from how the left wished to defund the police.

What is troubling was the amount of misinformation coming out of The State of the Union Speech. One incident comes from when Biden makes the claim that gun manufacturers are the only industry in America that cannot be sued. Even CNN calls them out, specifically an article by Holmes Lybrand titled “Fact Check: Biden’s claim on suing gun manufacturers” where it is states that 1. Manufacturers can still be held liable for a rang eof things such, such as negligence, breach of contract regarding the purchase of a gun or certain damages from defects in the design of the gun (which comes from the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act). 2. Vaccine manufacturers cannot be held liable, as stated in the article, in a civil suit for damages from vaccine-related injury or death.

Those are just a couple of examples in a State of the Union address that is filled with lies. President Biden not only bumbles his way through his address but spews lie consistently. What is to be expected though from a man that not only helped but benefitted from his son’s corruption. He is a weak leader and has consistently underperformed even by his own standards.

What do I mean by him underperforming by his own standards? Well, Biden has on multiple occasions called Trump a war monger in some form. Saying that Trump would seek war in Iran or continue to add to the chaos in the Middle East. He made the statement that, Biden, would be the peace bringer. Well, Ukraine would beg to differ.

How about before Biden took office, the promise he made that he had a “comprehensive plan” when it came to COVID-19 or the economy. Well, our economy is worse then ever with the inflation bubble growing rapidly. All while COVID-19, even though it has not disappeared even with the Ukraine war present, continues to take lives with Omicron being the most infectious yet. Biden has done little all while stealing credit for the vaccine roll out that Trump put into action with Operation Warp Speed.

The real issue though comes not from his incompetence, but his deteriorating health. He is unable to think properly and it is clear his mental health is fragile. If he were to go, we would be stuck with Kamala Harris. She could not even win or get good polling numbers during the Democrat primary in 2020 for her own state. While she fails on the border and internationally, the only noticeable trait about her is that cackle of a laugh that hurts the ears. If she were to take office, this country would turn the way of Canada with a thug wanna-be in charge.

Maybe that is why with how terrible The State of the Union speech was, it was rather accurate. It was so bad, yet it reflects where America and the world currently is at. Everything is on fire and we have Biden, Harris and Pelosi at the helm. That instills no confidence, especially with a China that looks to take down Taiwan in the face of weak global response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.