Thank You!

Thank you for coming to my website. Currently, this website is a work in progress. As content gets added, it will look better and better. Do understand that this is currently a one person project. This website is a passion project as I wish to see America as a whole grow. So, again, thank you for coming here. I hope you enjoy the journey as I try to flesh out the problems in America and come to solutions along the way.

Thus, looking ahead, here is a roadmap of the future of this website. I wish to lay out where I want to go and how much content will be pumped out. Just know the plan to release content will typically be every Monday, 1700 pacific standard time.


January 2022: Multiple different articles with depth in both the domestic and foreign sections. My goal will be roughly an article, or two, a week. During this period, I can grow more accustomed to the website and grow my interaction. Four articles minimum.

February 2022: Try to move towards two articles a week. Further gain knowledge on the website. Expand into social media. Minimum of five articles.

April 2022: Further polish the site, to make it as seamless as possible.

May 2022: A new section should be entirely made here. I want to focus on in-depth content on political figures that are running in the 2022 election. This will go off of their policy goals and some news related to them. Will try for two a week. On top of four articles being a mix of foreign and domestic. Six total articles a month at minimum.

June 2022: Further develop candidate profiles. Also wish to start another tab on policy matters. Once a month, will pick a policy and discuss the my plans. This will be fairly lengthy, as I wish to have research and propose something feasible. Open discussion to work on key ideals. On top of the four articles being either foreign or domestic topics. Wish to get seven total articles at minimum.

November 2022: Election coverage and post election talk!