About Me and My Motivations

This country was founded by the people, for the people. From the tyranny of the British Empire sprung the rag-tag colonies that formed the United States of America. Americans have fought for what is right and is currently the greatest country the world has ever seen.

That is where the fear comes in. While America was able to wash away the evils of Slavery and give equality to all, the Marxists wish to create a divide. It is working too. It seems that conversation is so foreign for anyone when it comes to politics and the reality of the world is ignored in favor of emotions.

While America continues to grow weak internally, our enemies across the oceans grow in power. China wishes to become the leading superpower by 2049. Russia wishes to expand its military might upon all of Europe. Our allies are weak, due to this own priority in a welfare state over a strong military. No one but America can step up to fight.

Which leads me to this website. It is made to highlight points of interest. To gather like minded individuals. To grow and speak out on what is occurring, for the media has an agenda to misdirect.

I am simply an American that loves what America was founded on. Like many, I am fed up with how the United States government has consistently failed us all. So it is time to find out what is happening, prepare for the future and provide solutions.

Thank you for reading and God Bless America.