A Tale of Two Stories: Trump and Russia.

With Ukraine being invaded, there’s this history that is being written by the media that Trump and Putin are friends. That Trump has praised Putin and colluded with him. In fact, this has been a narrative since 2016 and it is simply not true. Trump has acted as the bulwark for the West, stopping any Russian aggression.

 In terms of Trump not being an agent for Russia, you can read about this on NBC where the article is titled, “Mueller finds no proof of Trump collusion with Russia; AG Barr says evidence ‘not sufficient’ to prosecute” with the Article written by Pete Williams, Julia Aisnley and Gregg Birnbaum on March 24th, 2019. Beyond that, people like to pin how Trump gave praise to Putin and how that shows there is some collusion while ignoring the multiple times Trump has actively gone against Russia’s interests.

                Well let’s look at every time Trump undermined Russia. First, he actively warned NATO and the EU as a whole to avoid buying Russian oil and gas. You can find out more on this by simply searching “Trump warns NATO leaders in 2018: ‘Do not buy Russian oil and gas’”. He stresses this because it not only makes Europe energy dependent on Russia but also constitutes 39% of Russia’s federal budget revenues and 60% of Russia’s exports in 2019 alone. This can be seen in a BBC article titled, “In Russia, oil and natural gas provide both wealth and deep national pride. With global demand for fossil fuels set to decline, how will Russia adapt?” It was written by Angelina Davydova on November 23rd, 2021. So when Trump makes these statements, he wants to really destroy Russia’s economy. 39% of revenue and 60% export is an outstanding loss to have.

                Besides just talking about it, Trump also approved sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Again, this can be read on BBC with an article called “Nord Stream 2: Trump approves sanctions on Russia gas pipeline” done on December 21st, 2019. A move that was criticized heavily by the EU and Russia.

                Now the left is using this narrative on Trump, being a pro-Putin supporter, to try to misdirect the reality of the situation. The reality is simple. America is weak internationally due to a fragile president and the world is suffering. War broke out in Ukraine and China looks to invade Taiwan. What makes matters worse is an FSB analyst, which is practically the Russian CIA, has come out to talk about the situation inside Moscow.

                If you wish to read more, Igor Sushko on Twitter has as translation on it, which provides terrifying look. It was done on March 5th, 2022. Basically, the sanctions were beyond what was expected due to numerous reasons such as not knowing the situation themselves to unpreparedness. They expect around June that the economy will be totally devastated. Russia is over extended, unable to continue this war properly. Russia is unable to mobilize the country, as it would implode Russia internally. Russia has lost contact with major divisions in Ukraine, complete chaos. Occupying Ukraine or installing a puppet government is not sustainable, look at what happened with Afghanistan for example.

                Russia is also facing more external pressures, with countries such as Georgia, Moldova wishing to join the EU. Talks of Finland and Sweden joining NATO. Japan has declared the southern Kuril Islands, which was annexed back during the USSR days, is their sovereign territory by the Prime Minister of Japan Fumio Kishida on March 7th, when he addressed parliament.

           So, when we refer back to the FSB report, where internally Russia will see a collapse in the next week or two. There is too much tension in Russia to be sustainable. To make matters worse, Russia (and potentially the world, depending on the translation) is going to be starving in roughly a week or two. Russia has zero outs in this situation. The Kremlin will inevitably have to confront the sanction, which most likely means to threaten the West with war to hopefully loosen the sanctions. If the west refuses, then war occurs.

There is also a possibility of a localized nuclear strike in Ukraine. Not for the purpose of taking anything, as it’s pointless, but to scare the west. It will leave the West in a unique situation. Either the West will retaliate to the nuclear weapon usage, meaning there will be Nuclear Armageddon unleashed on the world. The other scenario is the West caves, and eases up on sanctions which gives all the power to Russia. Russia now knows it can invade whenever Russia wishes and can just use a nuke to relieve any sanctions. Now is nuclear war a possibility? Yes. Is it to happen? It takes multiple people to agree, not just one person demanding nukes to fly. Most importantly, Putin is such a selfish man that he may not even sacrifice himself for a war.

Could this FSB report be a fraud? Sure. However, as pointed out by Christo Grozev on twitter (on March 5th), it comes from a reputable source and is incredibly longer than any forger would choose to make. Most importantly, two current and former FSB contacts have agreed to the validity of the report, even if they did not agree with the conclusions.

The reason for bringing up Trump on the first half was, he is simply the man that kept Russia in check. Now that Biden is realizing his incompetency is leading to potentially a nuclear war, it is better to bring up that Trump was the issue. For politics are always a key issue, even in dire times. What matters to the left is to have a blue victory in 2022, to continue to push their agenda. America should have never allowed its feelings to dictate matters of global importance. Now a dementia ridden old man is on the world stage as nuclear weapons are being loaded. The 2020 elections may have very well sealed the fate of the world. Hopefully this is hyperbole and America wakes up, having a conservative wave in 2022 and in 2024 voting for a politician that will stop the dictator and thugs of the world.